How to Pick the Best Property Location for Your Industrial Space

Are you looking into opening an industrial space in Tampa? You wouldn’t be alone. Continue reading to learn tips to find the best property location for your industrial space…

Over 2,800 manufacturing firms employ almost 62,000 people in the Tampa Bay region. Both huge corporations and small businesses are setting up shop here. Whether you’re in manufacturing or another industrial sector, you’re joining a thriving, vibrant industrial scene. 

It’s always exciting to move your business into a new space. But don’t just go with the first building you see. Many factors will affect which industrial space is best for you. 

One of those important factors? The property owner. When you search for the perfect industrial space for your business, you’re most likely renting and with all rentals, there is an owner.  

How to Pick the Best Property Location for an Industrial Space 

There are plenty of property owners vying for your business in Tampa. But how do you find a good one? Read on to learn more. 

Look for Industrial Experience 

Owning an industrial property is very different from managing an apartment building or a storefront. Industrial tenants often have specific electric wiring, waste disposal, and workplace safety needs. 

A good industrial property owner has lots of experience addressing those specific needs. An owner without enough industrial experience often can’t do much to help your business run smoothly and safely. Look for an industrial property owner who has experience and multiple industrial properties such as HSW Associates.  

Look for Regional Experience 

What’s a fair rent for the kind of industrial space you need? Are there local zoning ordinances you need to be aware of? What maintenance issues do businesses encounter in this area often, and what’s the best way to address them? 

The answers to all these questions are location-specific. A fair rent in Seattle isn’t the same as a fair rent in Tampa. A good property owner can help you navigate these regional differences. 

Ask for Maintenance Plans and Go-To Service Providers 

It’s hard to keep operations running smoothly when the plumbing breaks or the lights go out. Any industrial space will encounter occasional maintenance issues. But while renting, a good property owner will respond to those issues quickly and proactively. 

When interviewing, ask them about their maintenance practices. A good owner has relationships with high-quality service providers who can address problems swiftly. They may even have an in-house maintenance staff. 

A good property owner addresses small maintenance problems before they become big ones. They don’t put off repairs as long as possible or use cheap contractors whose repairs don’t last long. 

Ask for References and Reviews 

One sign of a good property owner? Happy tenants. And if you’re looking at a high-quality property owner, finding those happy tenants shouldn’t be very hard. 

Many property owners offer client testimonials and tenant references. Business reviews on Google and similar services can also help you get a sense of how tenants feel. 

If you’re having a hard time tracking down tenants and reviews, the industrial space owner might have a hard time getting businesses to stick around. Look for one whose tenants are their biggest fans. 

Finding the Best Property Owner: It Doesn’t Have to Be Tough 

There are plenty of industry property owners in Tampa, and only some of them are good. At HSW Associates, we don’t just settle for good—we strive for best! 

We have decades of experience renting and managing property in the Tampa area. Whether you’re a lifelong Tampa business owner or new in town, we have the right industrial property for you. Do you need help finding the best property location for an industrial space? Contact us today to ask all of your questions. 

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