Commercial Property in Tampa: Find the Right Space for Your Business

Commercial real estate has a $1.1 trillion value at the moment. The market has so much value today, and you must make the right decisions about where you locate your business.

The Tampa area is home to plenty of activity and commerce, and property management companies can match you with a great place to rent. When you take inventory of your business needs, it’s easier to make the right decision for your next office space.

The tips below will help you when you’re looking to rent commercial property in Tampa.

Set a Budget for Your Rent

When you’re starting a business in Tampa, managing your overhead costs is your first order of business. The monthly rent that you pay is the most constant and critical part of your budget.

Study commercial rent costs in the city and begin figuring out what you can afford. Choosing an affordable office can keep you profitable. Here are a few of the best areas of commercial real estate in Tampa that you should check out:

  • Palmetto Beach
  • East Tampa
  • Grant Park
  • Northview Hills
  • Downtown Tampa

Having a budget upfront will help you strike when the iron is hot once you find the perfect deal.

Get the Right Layout and Building

Next, choose an office layout that serves your business needs. Determine the square footage that you’re looking into, and figure out what floorplans will help you stay productive and proactive each workday.

Study the trends of renting commercial property spaces so that you can make the best use of your resources and creative juices. For instance, data colocation spaces have a $46 billion value today – a sign of how important it is.

Colocation spaces keep your costs low and provide excellent networking opportunities. Research some color psychology principles and find out whether you’re allowed to paint the interior of the office. Any office that you rent should also have plenty of natural light and quality light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

Study the Terms of the Commercial Lease

Finding rental commercial property also requires you to study the legal aspect. Make sure that you find the commercial lease that will serve your company. In addition to the cost of the rent, look into details related to:

  • Move-in dates and the length of the lease
  • An exact description of the property and its features
  • Explanations of how repair and maintenance work is handled
  • A legal breakdown of any out clauses or binding agreements
  • Contact information for the managers handling your property

Get a legal professional to look over the lease for you so that you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Visit the Property In-Person

Finally, take the time to visit the property in person to make sure it suits your needs. Bring managers from different departments with you so that you can scope out individual offices and visualize how you’ll set everything up.

Come with all your documentation and financing in order so that you can strike when a deal is on the table.

Rent Commercial Property in Tampa

These tips will assist you when you’re looking to rent commercial property in Tampa. Use these guidelines as a nudge in the right direction when you need to find a new office space or any other commercial property rentals.

Renting property in Tampa is easy when you have the assistance of some pros. HSW Associates, Inc is happy to help you with your commercial property needs. Begin with these tips and contact us online or pick up the phone and call (813)962-6959 to learn more.

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