Boosting Productivity: How the Right Office Space Impacts Your Employees

Did you know that a third of your life is spent at work? It’s true. This makes finding the perfect office space all the more important.

However, half the battle of boosting productivity is picking the right spot when looking for a place to do business.

We’ve previously looked at how to pick out office space, but in this article, we examine the specific reasons the place you choose is so important for your employees. Interested in learning more? Then let’s begin!

1. Provides Room to Move

The first important factor is office layout. The layout should make wise use of the space available. Employees should not be too packed together, nor should there be so much space between them that it’s hard for them to share ideas.

Boosting productivity also depends on active employees. The longer they sit there staring at a computer screen, the more confined they feel, the harder it will be for them to focus for much of the day.

Some studies have indicated that, in an eight-hour day, the average worker is productive for less than three hours. Much of that’s due to the mental toll of the space and the ergonomic setup of the workspace they’re in.

2. Space to Collaborate

Organizational psychology plays a major role in getting the best from your employees. If they feel locked in and smothered, it’s going to be hard to get them to work individually or as a group.

Collaboration is an important part of large organizations. Having the physical space to get together, discuss ideas, and share resources is essential for proving that two (or more) heads are better than one.

3. A Sense of Pride

Part of the company culture is the place where the people in that company go to work. They want an environment that is comfortable, freeing, and user-friendly.

Furthermore, they want to bring a piece of home and themselves to the cubicle or the office they’re in. Choosing an office space that fosters that sense of pride can only have long-term productivity benefits for them and the organization as a whole.

4. Natural Lighting

In a recent survey, the Harvard Business Review found that natural light was the number one perk of the office environment. It’s long been understood that sunlight is a great source of vitamin D.

Being shut up in an office all day cuts your employees off from this tremendous productivity resource. However, you can’t very well move their offices outside.

The best alternative is to choose office environments that harness as much natural light as possible. That means plenty of windows, no obstructions that block the light’s path, and offering the freedom to your employees to get up and move around whenever they feel it’s necessary.

5. Access to Resources

The last important part of office space is that it has plenty of accessible resources. Employees don’t have to search hard for plug-ins.

They have the space to file away important documents. WiFi travels well throughout the building. Basically, anything they need to do their job is readily available, without having to fight for it or be inconvenienced.

Office Space Is Key to Boosting Productivity

When it comes to boosting productivity, HSW Associates prioritizes that in the properties they take on for their commercial clients in the Tampa Bay area. They’ve managed or invested in properties that many of the best companies call home.

The five qualities presented above are guideposts in those efforts. If you’re ready to lease a property that will get more out of your employees, check out some of our available office spaces today.

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