6 Best Tampa Restaurants for Business Lunches

Successfully hosting a business lunch can be the difference between closing a deal or having someone walk away from one.

If you’re trying to host a lunch, you want to bring potential customers and clients to a location that they will love. You’re not just dressing to impress, you’re hosting to impress.

So if you’re in the Tampa area, here are a few Tampa restaurants that you could consider hosting potential clients at.

1. Columbia Restaurant

The Columbia Restaurant is quite an iconic restaurant in the Tampa area. Serving delicious salads, tapas, and other dishes, this Spanish restaurant is the biggest in the world. It’s also Florida’s oldest restaurant.

The traditional Spanish decor with a relaxed atmosphere makes this one of the best lunch restaurant options in Tampa for your next business meeting.

2. Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange is located in a central area of Tampa and is pretty easy to get to from other areas of Tampa.

Combined with the restaurant itself, there is a bookstore and small boutique shop where you can purchase some goodies after a delicous meal or browse the great selection of books that they have. The brightly decorated restaurant with natural elements like trees inside makes this a great spot to host.

Not only is this quaint restaurant a great choice, it’s also ranked as the number 21 restaurant out of thousands in Tampa.

3. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

If you’re looking for a higher-end restaurant to host your business lunch, Eddie V’s is the way to go.

They serve seafood, vegetarian options, and delicious appetizers.

The minute you step into the restaurant, you’ll feel just a bit fancier. So if you’re trying to impress potential clients or close a big deal, this may be the place you want to bring them!

4. Ocean Prime

Another iconic Tampa restaurant, Ocean Prime is the perfect spot for a business lunch in Tampa. Their seafood is fresh, the staff is friendly, and the restaurant itself is in the top 10 ranking of all Tampa restaurants.

It doesn’t just have delicious food, but the vibe of the restaurant will bring a ton of energy to any occasion or conversation you have – business or not.

5. Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk is a great mix of a laid back vibe with a touch of the fancier side. You can order a burger or a steak, potstickers or a salad. And whichever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

Of course, you can also hang out in the front of the restaurant for a small wine tasting before you sit down for your business lunch. Your clients may even want to join the wine of the month club.

Choose One of These Tampa Restaurants for Your Next Business Lunch

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing one of these Tampa restaurants for your next business lunch in Tampa. All are delicious and welcoming places!

If you’re looking to lease or rent a commercial property for your business in the area, we would be happy to sit down for a lunch. Contact us today and we can discuss.

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