5 Reasons Now Is the Right Time to Start a Business in Tampa

Being the 3rd most populous city in Florida, Tampa has seen an expansion these past years. Since 2010, the population of Tampa has increased by more than 23%. And living in South Tampa has become even more charming due to its position and conveniences. With that said, now is the ideal time to start a business in Tampa. Just like residential real estate is booming, the same could be said of commercial real estate.

Today we will take a glance at five reasons why now is the time to start a business in Tampa.

1. Tax Advantages

Tax benefits are essential for any business, even more so if you are starting fresh. And even better, all start-up fees are deductible, making starting a business in Tampa the more appealing.

There isn’t any corporate tax at the state and federal level on the earnings if the owner decides to be a subchapter S corporation.

2. Lots of Tourism

Tampa is an ideal vacation spot due to its restaurants, historical buildings, and beaches. And businesses in Tampa, Florida, thrive because of the number of people visiting the city. So next time you’re looking at commercial real estate listings, be sure to see if it’s a tourist hot spot!

3. Friendly Environment

Yes, business is a harsh environment, but people tend to be kinder to each other in Tampa. Businesses in Tampa, Florida, are no different as they tend to help each other. So you can feel less pressured when you start a business in Tampa, knowing you have fellow businesses by your side.

4. Tampa Has Excellent Connections

One great reason businesses in Tampa, Florida grow, is its extensive transportation system for exporting and importing.

Florida has international airports, shipping ports, highways, and rail networks. And Tampa is honored to have many of those infrastructures that make life easier for businesses.

5. Excellent Quality of Life

You need some time for yourself after your work hours, and even more so if you have a family. And even though Tampa is excellent for business, it’s even better for your quality of life. Tampa offers plenty of recreation, culture, gastronomy, and great weather!

And suppose you’re a big sports fan. In that case, you’ll love knowing that Tampa has four professional sports teams (NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays, NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and USL’s Tampa Bay Rowdies).

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer and Start a Business in Tampa

There are plenty of more reasons why you should consider starting a business in Tampa. The five mentioned were the ones that stand out the most and ultimately benefit you the greatest as a business owner. Don’t wait any longer, as the time to start a business is today!

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