3 Surprising Benefits of a Physical Business Address

Did you know that workplace collaboration can boost innovation by 15%? Teamwork at the office can also significantly improve efficiency and morale.

Today, a lot of companies are following work-from-home models and using technology to operate their business. The cyber-world has provided many tools to make this possible, but there are still many benefits of having a business address to work from.

Virtual offices can be great, but nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you can get from face-to-face work interactions. Physical business locations can improve company culture and help improve the quality of work. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve been thinking about leasing a commercial property for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for three reasons why this is a fantastic idea.

1. Teamwork and Productivity

Collaborating in the workplace is a proven way for businesses to be more successful. Working from a physical business address will increase teamwork and productivity. In addition, it can also help establish a healthy company culture.

Having a space where employees can meet face-to-face can make them feel more motivated about their job. This has been linked to employees wanting to stay in the company longer.

In addition, it can help them to stay engaged and focused. Working in an office environment can give employees a greater sense of purpose, making them happier to come to the office and be productive.

2. Business Legitimacy

Having a physical location increases business legitimacy and establishes more customer trust. Today’s technology is excellent, but operating from a physical location helps diminish technical troubleshooting. In addition, commercial properties give businesses a legit address where all the mail, inventory, etc., can be delivered, which allows the company to have more control over everything.

Working from an office rental allows companies to hold meetings in-house and meet clients at a secure location. This can ease a client’s skepticism about dealing with their business concerns online. Having a physical location is also a good way of positioning your business as an established, trustworthy institution.

3. Work-Life Balance

Working from home blurs the line between the time spent working and the time spent doing personal activities. Although the definition of work-life balance varies from individual to individual, business owners need to help their employees understand its importance. Having a physical business location can help you achieve this, ultimately benefitting the entire business.

Working from home is excellent from time to time, but having a healthy work-life balance is essential. Even if you love your job, keeping work and home separate is key to personal and professional growth. A physical office gives employees the advantage of having a “place to work,” making it easier to switch between personal and professional roles.

Get Your New Business Address Today

As you can see, having a physical location for your business can bring a lot of benefits. Not only will it encourage teamwork and productivity, but it will also increase the legitimacy of your business and help you maintain a better work-life balance.

If you’ve been thinking about leasing a physical business address (or several!) for your business in Tampa, HSW Associates can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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